What exactly are you going to do on your mission?
I have accepted the calling to be a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints so that I may share the gospel to those who are yearning to know of the truth of the gospel. I have answers to questions that people don't even know to ask. I am going to tell people where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going. I will explain to everyone that will listen why Christ is the center of the Plan of Happiness and why the Atonement that Jesus Christ has provided for us is necessary for our salvation.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Transferred to Greenwood, SC

My companion is Elder Cahoon. He's from Utah. Now it's funny that it's Elder Cahoon, because I already kind of know him. My first companion, Elder Winger, who is now home, was Elder Cahoon's companion in Summerville right before I got there... I replaced Elder Cahoon in Summerville so I already know him... over the last few days we've been talking a lot about the people in Summerville we know. How fun is that?

I am in Greenwood, SC. Our boundaries are huge... we have at least 8 cities in our area. I'm probably never going to get to most of them. We have a lot of area at the South Carolina/Georgia border and that's about how big the radius of our area circle is–from Greenwood to a good part of the border.

I am one of four missionaries in our apartment.. except these four missionaries (including me) are going to be very good and productive and clean. We have a great district.

I get to have the car again, (we have the car and don't have to share it but do sometimes with the other two elders) except Elder Cahoon doesn't like to drive so I jumped on the opportunity to drive ... that means I'm driving about 1000 miles a month now... about time I get to drive.

Investigator people... let's see... here are the people we put on date since I've been here:
Jalen is a pretty cool kid that wants to do the right thing, he accepted being baptized, his aunt is a member, Gee gee ...
Melony and her daughter Shantal are going to get baptized too.
If things go right there will be 5 baptisms on the 14th of April in our district (3 us 2 them).

The ward is pretty small, smallest ward I've ever been in. We have the whole church building to ourselves (for our own ward). It's not that big of a building though.

Oh, here's something that I don't want to forget to tell you... I gave a talk the first Sunday I was here (yesterday) on the topic: "how to share the gospel with meekness and mildness." It was the first talk that I didn't write out every word and instead made noted points... the first time I timed it in the apartment Saturday night, it was 20 min and 3 sec. I think it was about 16 min when I gave it in Sacrament Meeting. I spoke without any pauses and was complimented lots and asked if I took any stage acting classes because it was very presentable and interesting and not boring.
A recent convert said to me something to the effect of: "I wouldn't be saying anything to you if I didn't like it ... if it was bad I would have kept quiet ... you kept me alert the whole time"